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lumbar strain
9/23 17:42:56

I have a lumbar strain this is the 2 time. I would like to know if a back support would help me not to have this pain again? Last time I was off work for 1 week this time the doctor said 2 weeks I can not afford to be off work. If the belt will not work is there something else I should wear so I don't have this again? I do a lot of twisting and turning at work.
Thank you  

Hi, Sherri,

The problem with lumbar pain is generally tight muscles; those are all there is to get strained.

A back support may provide some relief, but does not solve the problem.  Your back muscles are (probably) too tight, a problem of conditioning.

If your back pain is like most back pain (and it probably is), you need to teach yourself to relax those muscles.

May I suggest you read the articles on back pain at  That will give you more of an understanding and will suggest a good option for handling your problem -- without a back support, without needing to be off work -- and without either pain or the need to protect your back anymore.

with regard,
Lawrence Gold

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