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Back and feet pain

QuestionDate: 29th December 2006 Hi About 2 months ago I started to get back pain. It might be due to the fact that I carried pails of water. The pain go bad and I was recommended to a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner. He made me lie down and

  • should i get another surgery?

    Question scars on foot you posted on your profile that youre a second-opinion specialist in foot and ankle problems, so id like to ask you a question about my left foot. &n

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  • Strightened Neck

    QuestionHi I have suffered with neck pain leading to headaches in the back of the head and forehead areas, imbalance feelings and sensitive scalp for over 3 years now.My N

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  • Help needed on severe back pain

    QuestionHi, Firstly, I appreciate and thankyou for your time. One of my friend was having spine TB and she took medication for it and she says its cured now, but she is ha

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  • Neck/Lower Back Pain & symptoms

    QuestionI was knocked off my motorcycle some 17 years ago and although I had no broken bones did suffer soft tissue injuries which took some years of regular visits to a ch

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