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General Job Responsibilites for Class Project

QuestionI would really appreciate if you could answer these interview questions about your career. The answers dont need to be elaborate, just short and sweet. Thanks so much! 1. What does a person do in this profession? 2. What education is needed? 3. What are

  • What next?

    Question  I am a 48 杫ear old male that woke up with stiff neck and muscle cramps(left neck and sholder) about two weeks ago.   Now it has progressed to the a

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  • leg numbness

    QuestionMy husband has numbness in his upper left leg from knee to upper thigh area. It has been like this for almost a year. He wants to go see a doctor or specilist but d

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  • DDD, Bertolottis, SIJ, ED, Hypermobility

    QuestionHello Doctor, Initially, thank you for being on here for people like us!  It is appreciated.  By way of background; I was diagnosed with a herniated L5/

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  • spina/neck pain

    Question spine  spine   Hello I have throat and neck pain across my shoulder its worse on the right side and has started to radiate the whole length of my spine t

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