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dumbbell injury
9/21 15:08:48

3 weeks ago a 10 lb dumbbell fell off of a bar stool onto my foot.  There was immediate swelling and I do mean immediate.  From the time it hit my foot until I looked at it it had already swollen into large bump in the centre of my foot about an inch high.  I could not put any weight on it.  I immediately applied ice, took a Naprosyn 375mg that I use for arthritis pain and elevated my foot.  After about an hour I went to the Emergency department where they x-rayed my foot and the ER doc told me there was no break - it was probably just a hematoma.  Gave me a tensor bandage, said stay off it a few days, keep it elevated and apply ice.  I did as told and yet 3 weeks later my foot and my ankle are swelling during the day.  It feels tight from the bump in the middle of the foot back to the ankle.  I have been wearing a pair of shoes that have an adjustable top on them because I still cannot fit into any other shoes.  Is it possible that I have tendon or ligament damage or that the er doc missed a hairline fracture?  What should I do now?


You need to have an MRI to see if you've torn some ligaments, tendons or muscles.  Also, you may have a fracture that was not obvious on x-ray.  The MRI will help this too.

In any event you should be in a below the knee Air walking cast - removeable.  ALso, ice the area.  You may need physical therapy.

See a Podiatrist.  The sooner the better.

Good luck!

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