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Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis
9/21 15:07:24

I am 17 w/ small archs and my right foot tibial tendon is extremely swollen, hurts extrememly bad. My OS said I have tendonitis. Unfortunetly I am EXTREMELY allergis to practically every medicine known to man..codeine almost gave me a heart attack, naproxen broke me out extremely bad. Im not sure of what to do. Whether I should get surgery to correct the problem or should I just go through PT? Im not really considering the cortisone shot an option only due to the fact at how allergic I am to medicines. I cant even take medicines for my chronic migraines so what would you advise me to do?

Hi Ashley,

With your foot structure and chronic tendonitis and pain of the tibialis tendon, I would consider custom orthotic arch supports.  See a Podiatrist for proper fitting.
Physical therapy may also be helpful.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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