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Weird Color Spots On Feet
9/21 15:03:11


What IS this?
Yes, several months ago, I was sitting, for long periods of time, at my kitchen table working on my computer. My feet would swell from sitting so long but they would go down after I had been up and about for a while. After several weeks of this, I quit sitting at my table but I began noticing my feet were developing spots on the top of them (first my right, then a few days later my left). I can only relate it this way, they looked like light colored age spots and my feet are not swollen nor hurting. Also, it doesn't seem to be getting any worse, but it isn't getting better either. I do have toenail fungus but have had that for a while...can you help?

Looks like hemosidirin deposits from pooling of blood in the foot.  The veins become less efficient, which is why you've noticed swelling.  This is a reaction to the iron in the blood.  This discoloration is common and harmless.  The only thing I know of to help is Amerigel Care Lotion, which should help this discoloration fade.  You can purchase it online at

All the best,
Andrew Schneider, DPM

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