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I have a bump on foot too (see image)
9/21 15:06:07


a bump on foot
I read your answer on the subject "bump on outside of foot" on 4/29/2007. (

Question 1: What doctor should I see: a dermatologist or podiatrist? It looks more a skin problem than a foot
Question 2: I guess I may need a surgery to remove the bump
because after being there for a few years, it has grown and
started to cause some pain. I don't know if every dermatologist or podiatrist is capable of doing surgery. Or
it can be done by a general/family doctor. A nurse from an
urgent care clinic said non-specialist is also capable of
doing minor surgery.
Question 3: In the previous writing, you mentioned having
an X-ray. I tend to think X-ray is for bone problem. So
what is the x-ray for? What can be found with it?
Thank you very much!

Hi Sherman,

I would see a podiatrist.  This is a foot problem which likely involves area below the skin level as well.  In any case podiatrists treat skin problems.  
A podiatrist would be the best choice for removal of this type of lesion.  I would not have a GP or nurse do this, they do not know the anatomy.
An x-ray is for a bone problem.  You are making an assumption that this is a skin problem and there is no way to know this for sure without an exam and an x-ray from a podiatrist.

I would see a podiatrist and let them come up with the diagnosis and treatment plan.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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