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Foot and Ankle Pain
9/21 15:01:54

Hello, Dr. Tsatos, and thank you for volunteering for this forum.

I have recently developed pain on the top of my foot.  The foot is slightly swollen.  The pain is not severe, but is present.  This has lasted for 3-4 weeks now.  In my own research, I have learned that it may be as simple as tying my shoe too tightly, but since it has lingered, I wanted to ask for a professional opinion.

In addition, occasionally and sporadically - without rhyme or reason - sometimes the ankle on that same foot will hurt to the extent that I am actually limping when walking.  That pain usually leaves within 30 min - an hour.  I don't know if the two are related, but thought I would mention that as well.

I cannot think of an incident where I in any way strained or injured my foot.  This just seemed to come upon me.  For information's sake, I am a 56 yr old white male.  5'8"  158 lbs. In good physical health.  I am in the gym 3 days/week, either using the weight machines or lap swimming.

Again, thank you for your time.

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Dear Mike,
For your foot and ankle pain--- Unfortunately, you are at the age where wear and tear arthritis can become inflamed while working out. Try good range of motion exercises in the areas of discomfort for at least 5-10 minutes before and after exercising.
The swimming should not aggravate--the weight machines may aggravate the injury.
Try less weight or intensity-until you recover.
Also try PRICE
Protect-Wear an ankle/foot brace around the ankle or foot and limit the movements that aggravate it.
Rest-Speaks for itself-perhaps the weekend & evenings when you are off-rest it.
Ice- As much as possible following pain for up to 2-3 days in area of pain  
Compress-Ace wrap  or ankle sleeve
Elevate-Will help if it throbs or swells at the end of the day.
Go to our website store at for examples of wraps, sleeves or supports for your ankle or foot.
Should improve in @ another 2-3 weeks---If the ankle or foot pain continues or it progresses-seek treatment

Hope This Helps!

Dr George Tsatsos & Svetlana Zats
Podiatrist Chicago 60618 & Elmhurst 60126 Podiatrists
Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery & Orthopedics
New South Loop Location-Chicago 60661

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