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Overcoming pain from walking?
9/21 15:03:00

I am 55.
After being out of work for a long time I was very fortunate to get a well paying job with good benefits as a meter reader for my city.
In addition to desk work and paper work in a vehicle,this job involves at least  hours of mostly continous brisk walking a day-if I want to complete my work and not fall behind. My feet give out first, then my knees. I stop for a rest and elevate my legs which helps a bit.
I went out and got the best shoes I could find, and I stretch every morning, but I still wake up very stiff and sore every day, especially my knees and feet.
I have lost a bit of weight-I am overweight-so maybe losing more weight will help-BUT-can you reccommend anything to keep me going? I hate popping pills, and I spend my days off on the couch just 'recovering' when I should be doing other stuff.
I have Dr Schools foot pads, would orthotics be an option? I recently saw some advertised on the shopping channel.
The guy that hired me was a bit hesitant as I am an older guy, but so far I am doing great and getting good feedback. I havent mentioned the pain though!

Hi Bernie,

I would see a podiatrist to evaluate your feet and and legs as well as your walking pattern.  Orthotics may be the perfect solution but I would recommend orthotics from a podiatrist, not the shopping channel.  Weight loss usually helps and I would also consider some physical therapy.  If you continue to have generalized joint pain you may want to be checked by your primary doctor and be evaluated for some type of arthritis with blood testing.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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