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Lump on top of foot
9/21 15:01:37

Left foot top
Left foot top  

Left foot top 2
Left foot top 2  
I've had this lump on the top of my foot for a few months now. I have no clue how it got there. It can go weeks at a time without causing any pain. Today I woke up and it was hurting pretty bad. Any idea what it is?

Jason, I would schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to have it looked at.  It could be a ganglionic cyst that needs to be aspirated or drained.  Sometimes they occur from previous trauma or repetitive friction in shoes.  Ganglionic cysts usually start small and get bigger with time.  Fluid acculumates in a sac around a joint or tendon that causes the cyst to become painful.  They can spontaneously burst but most often recur again.  Cysts present as masses that are soft and movable.  If the soft tissue bump is hard and irregular, then that's even more of a reason to see a podiatrist for further evaluation.


Dr. Leslie Johnston, DPM

Tampa, FL
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