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In answer to your questions.........
9/21 15:08:40

Thank you for your concern! I am not a diabetic that I know of and there were no x-rays or cultures taken after the injury.  And yes, I have had fever since the beginning. Bone infection sounds serious.  I will do whatever you tell me.  Thank you so very much!  Carolanne
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I am basically in need of a second opinion. I dropped a plate glass table on my big toe about 3 weeks ago.  It became infected & since I already had an appt. with my family doctor, I asked her to look at it.  She drained clear fluid from dead tissue, told me the nail would fall off on it's own and prescribed a week of Cipro.  A week ago ago, I went to see a podiatrist because the nail was not even loose and was also inflamed.  He removed the nail and prescribed Keflex. My toe has begun to heal but I still have a fever.  Would you please share your knowledge about my situation?  I would be forever grateful.  Carolanne

It is hard not actually seeing your foot.  However, a few questions.

Did anyone take an x-ray?  Was a culture taken of the wound?
Have you had a fever since the beggining?

Since it has been 3 weeks, one consideration that is important is bone infection.

Are you diabetic?

Also, the questions that you ask me should be addresses with your Podiatrist.  If you are not comfortable with this dr, I would seek another Podiatrist.

Please give some of these details and then we can move forward with some ideas.


Marc Katz, DPM
Advanced Podiatry
Tampa, FL


You need to have an x-ray and probably an MRI. A piece of tissue should be taken from the toe for a culture.

Fever for this long may be due to other medical conditions.  You need to find a Podiatrist that can work you up medically, get blood work and the above tests and come up with some aggressive treatment.

Another alternative is to see your primary care physician and have a general medical workup.  You may also consider seeing an infectious disease specialist, they could take care of all of these issues.

You may have to do some pushing but soemeone needs to find the cause of this lingering problem and treat it.  
Good Luck and let me know how things progress.


Marc Katz
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry  

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