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sharp pain in toe for 3 weeks
9/21 15:01:44

Dear Dr. Tsatsos,
(55 year old woman)
Quick background of events possibly a connection with toe pain?
approx. 4-5 weeks ago, violent diarrhea for 1 day,  followed 1 week later with with elbow pain and fingers joint pain. Elbow pain was an "e-coli infection" in elbow with no known entrance of bacteria. (treated with oral anti-biotic)and told finger joint pain was arthritis.
around the same time I developed a sharp pain in my toe when I rolled over in bed on my stomach.  (no pain when walking or touching toe) but when the toe is face down on the bed I still get a painful sharp pain.) Not sure if this is the toe joint.  Very little swelling and after sharp pain will have a little pink color around that area from the cuticle to the joint with soreness.  Could this be a nerve, infection or arthritis?    
(negative tested for gout and rheumatoid arthritis when I was being diagnosed for the elbow infection)
thank u

Dear Kay,
For your painful toe....Sounds like you may need a second opinion.
Chances are that you have similar arthritis of the toe joint.
An x-ray by a qualified podiatrist would be able to confirm the diagnosis. Also the x-ray would have indications if it was Rheumatoid Arthritis or an infection.
Go see a board certified podiatrist & bring your records with you.
FYI--- gout & rheumatoid arthritis should be determined clinically & then confirmed/refuted with the appropriate labs. A negative lab does not mean you don't have it. Again-a good Board Certified Podiatrist should be able to enlighten you.
Hope This Helps!
Good Luck!
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