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ingrown toenail removal
9/21 15:07:42

I had an ingrown toenail removed about a month and a half ago. The toe is in good shape. I apply ear drops on the toe daily as per my doctor. I dont have to wear a bandaid and i try to keep it dry as much as i can. The doctor told that i can swim at the beach but not at the pool. I would like a second opinion on this please.

Hi Alvin,

With my patients, I would allow them to do whatever they want if they are healed from the toenail surgery at this point.  However, I don't know how healed your surgical site is at this time.  Your surgeon needs to make that judgment. There may be a reason for the swimming restriction.  Each person heals differently and each Dr has their own protocol.

The treatment course so far sounds typical and common.

I would heed the advice of your Dr.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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