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Fractured Calcaneus
9/21 15:06:33

Hi Dr. Katz, I fractured my calcaneus on about June 10th and have been in a walking cast (no weight bearing) and crutches since about the 20th of June when I finally went to the emergency room after a week of RICE did nothing to help me.  I did not have surgery.  I do not have formal insurance and so am not sure how great my diagnosis was by the county ER room.  It was fractured in 3 spots and I was told I did not need surgery.  I kept my weight off of it and am just now starting to put my foot on the ground, and feel my way.  I feel like I'm ready to start putting weight on it but have read many articles that say I should keep weight off of it for at least three months.  I am healthy, in good shape and have babied this injury the past two months.  I'm no stranger to injuries (reconstructed ACL in right knee and multiple fracture dislocation of my left hip in an auto accident). I merely walked off a curb to get this injury and thus I have suspicions that it was maybe originally injured in my traumatic car accident which fractured my hip - I believe after my foot hit the floorboard so hard.  I may have had a bone spur on it for 25 years.  I think it could have been healed the first time while I was in traction for my hip.  I know that is a whole lot to digest, but the bottom line that I want to know is this:  should I be starting to put weight on it after 60 full days (almost 9 weeks) or should I not?  Please let me know.  Thanks, doc!

Hi Brigitte,

Since I haven't seen the fracture or the healing progress it would be difficult to tell you about weight-bearing.  This is a decision that should be discussed with your dr.  You've made it this far so check with your dr.  Also, I would strongly recommend that you start physical therapy.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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