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born with only 1 toenail
9/21 15:05:30

hi, i am now 29years old and live in scotland, i was born with only 1 nail and that was on my big toe on my right foot, my other toes on the right foot are formed but just no nails where as on my left foot my toes are not formed at all and have no bones in them, i have been very self conscious all my life about it and i just wondered is there any reason for this and is there any surgery possible that could help me i am willing to travel. thankyou for your time.

Dear Hazel,
If you are willing to travel-come by and we can have a Scotch!
But seriously----I emphasize with you-but if you are able to run and walk without any problem-then try to be happy for that PLEASE!
These are unfortunate conditions that are due to something interfering with full development of extremities. Sometimes genetics, sometimes drugs, pollutants,chemicals,circulation cutoff, etc
Any surgery for this involves part donation. In other words a nail has to be harvested from your hand---It's usually the reverse where they will remove a big toe to replace a missing thumb.There might be silicone injections to possibly augment the remaining toes. Sometimes an injection called prolotherapy can be used to stiffen a loose joint.
Prosthetic toes---but probably expensive and difficult to keep on and noticeable. All extreme options. Cheapest option is a movie makeup kit-depending on your skill may be minimally noticeable---but tedious to apply.Possibly a latex mold foot---again prosthetic or movie effects person. You could wear  prosthetic toes or "fillers" in mesh sandals for the summertime-minimally noticeable.

There is a young girl that is missing an arm that participates in my martial arts class.It only makes the class a little more difficult for her,because she is a junior belt---To us she is still the young attractive girl in our class that we spar with. You should see the smile on her face in class.
Find yourself people who care about you and go have fun!!!
If anyone stares---kick them with the foot!(only kidding)
Please Enjoy Your Life!
Save your money for a rainy day!
Advise for Everyone!!!!

Dr George Tsatsos
Not medical advice

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