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Clicking ankle
9/21 15:03:19

My son, who is now 16, has a clicking sound from his right ankle when he walks. This started a few years ago and was occassional. For the past few months I have noticed that it happens every time he walks barefeet or with flip-flops. When he is wearing shoes, it does not occur if he is walking straight, but only when he is turning. I don't recall him having any injuries as a child but he did play a lot of sports.

This Chicago, South Loop & Elmhurst Podiatrist of says.......

Dear Ann,

There are usually two reasons for "clicking sounds in the foot or ankle"
One reason is that a small bone located in a tendon called an ossicle "clicks" as it glides past the groove it is in. Sometimes the ossicle in the tendon of the foot moves a little out of the groove and causes the "click"
The other reason is irritation of a tendon or joint. The movement causes a "click" as the extra fluid in the foot tendon or ankle joint moves.
Flip-flops are not recommended-except for comfort in short walks.
An exam by a podiatrist certified in orthopedics would not hurt.
Perhaps a custom made pair of orthotics may be all he needs
In the meantime keep him in shoes and it may quiet down-but still see the podiatrist to make sure.
The podiatrists of are specialists in these kind of cases.
We are located in Chicago & Elmhurst.
Hope This Helps
Good Luck!

Dr George Tsatsos & Svetlana Zats
Podiatrist Chicago 60618 & Elmhurst 60126 Podiatrists
Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery & Orthopedics
New South Loop Location-Chicago 60661

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