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numbness, tingling, burning in both feet outside edge
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I am a larger woman, and for sometime now I have been having numbness, tingling, burning sensation,from the ball, and arch of both feet to the big toes, and outside edge of both feet. It feels like it gets worse in some positions, but never goes away. This is not really a painful thing unless I try to walk to far. Sometimes it fels like a rock is in the center/bottom of both feet.
I also have constant neck aches and pain, and lower back pain if I stand for any length of time. Always feels as if something is out of place in lower back.
I fell and hurt knees a couple of times seriously a few years ago could this be causing all of this?  

You probably have some arthritis of the lower back.The nerves that go to your feet come from that area and can get irritated from the arthritis. This form of irritation feels like burning.
Weight loss is the most important. The extra pressure from the pounds causes more arthritis.
Physical therapy, stretching, oral anti-inflammatory like Alleve or Advil, and exercise can relieve the burning symptoms.Sometimes certain creams or lotions may have a soothing effect-but not curative-like Capsaicin Cream-used for burning.
Try some low back stretching exercises or pool exercises for arthritis.
The symptom of a rock in the center of the foot may be an irritated arch-which happens after a lot of standing or walking. An arch support or orthoses may help. See our web-store for examples.
Unless your knees lean in because of low arches-then they are not contributing to the burning.
If the knees lean in to the inside, then orthoses/orthotics may help. Visit our website at for more info on orthotics.
If symptoms persist or get worse-please see your Podiatrist
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Dr George Tsatsos-Chicago and Elmhurst Podiatrist
Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery and Orthopedics

Not Med Advice-Just Info for All
If symptoms persist or get worse-please see your Podiatrist!!!

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