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Mortons Neuroma/ Stump Neuroma
9/21 15:02:26

I have had surgery 1 year ago on both feet for neuroma's. My right foot is
tolerable with pain meds and my left foot has progressively worsened, I'm
sure due to the fact I had both feet done at same time. The left one did not
heal properly. I have a severe stump neuroma that requires constant taking of
ultram all day. This cryogenics sounds like it would be a great thing but what
are the success rates on stump neuroma's? I was told that if I considered
surgery again that the surgeon would have to somewhat "explore the region"  
to find the severed nerve. On top of that I was told the surgery was a 50/50
chance of improvement with still yet having the possibility of a worse
condition than current. This is not really an option. My foot hurts bad enough
I have considered removal as an option and getting a prosthetic, but have
determined that stump neuroma's can occur there also. Please give it to me
straight is cryogenics as successful as my wife has read? If so where do I sign
up if living in Oklahoma and will travel if needed. I'm tired of pain and afraid
of the solutions please help. I am only in my early 40s and have several years
of working ahead of me. But this has literally crippled me.

Hi Guy,

I would advise against further nerve removal surgery as this will likely lead to worsening pain. Cryosurgery is your best option.  Success rates are certainly higher than 50:50 by far and recovery will not be as bad.  So I believe that you have few options. Pain medications are not a good option.  I do not know anyone in Oklahoma.


Marc Katz, DPM

Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry
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