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Please help me (to ski again)
9/21 15:07:21

I developed plantar fascitis and it is managed now.  However, with that cord getting stretched out, it may have contributed to the Morton's neuroma (same foot).  I love to ski.  It seems that the combination of 30 minutes of vigorous excercise on the elliptical machine + skiing both caused excessive pressure on the ball of my foot.  Now,
Morton's neuroma bothers me on long hikes and ski trips.  
One podiatrist offered to numb or "deaden" the nerve involved.  I am concerned what that numbness will feel like. One account I read, the girl said it felt like she had a bristle pad stuck in her foot. I have tried the shoe inserts that are supposed to spread the metatarsal bones to prevent the nerve from getting trapped. I do wear arch supports but not always.  Thank you so much for reading this.I will be so grateful for help.

Hi Maureen,

Most treatments and procedures for Morton's neuroma may lead to numbness.  However, most patients are happy to no longer have pain and do OK with the numbness.  

I personally have had excellent success treating Morton's neuroma with cryosurgery and have found other techniques to be inferior.

I would consider cryosurgery before alcohol injections or regular surgery to remove the nerve.

See my site below.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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