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Lumps in a straight line going down under my second toe
9/21 15:03:16

I've found 4 small lumps in a straight line going down the ball of my foot, directly in line with the second toe on my right foot. Walking barefoot recently, I felt like I had stepped on a piece of glass. On inspection, I discovered the lumps. Any idea what this could be? I've had major back surgery (2 discectomies and 1 fusion) and my right side is the weakest but dominant side. I also have 3 herniations in my neck, pressing against the spinal cord. I only mention it to give you some history.

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Dear Claudia,

Thank-you for the history.
The lumps could be plantar warts, porokeratoses(plugged up sweat glands),callouses or other foot skin disorder. The fact that there are four indicates that it might be a wart and spreading.
If you shave them and there is pinpoint bleeding-it is a wart.Wash and cover with a bandaid and wash hands also-warts are contagious.
See your local podiatrist who usually can diagnose and take care of the same visit.
Hope This Helps!

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Good Luck!

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