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Frustrated 28wks post surgery
9/21 15:02:41

QUESTION: I had ankle surgery 7 months ago to repair osteochondral defect, remove avulsion medial malleolus and large os trigonum. I have had a Cortisone shot 5 1/2 months post op, which alleviated some inflamation and has given more movement ( was stuck at 9% forced dorsiflexion). Now 6 weeks post cortisone, I am still having inflammation and pain issues. MRI shows inflamation/injury to deep deltoid. signal change on distal aspect of both medial and lateral malleoulus without fracture plane and mild change noted in the lateral aspect of the talar dome.

Should I still be having this pain and inflammation this far post op? I'm very frustrated and want to move out of the holding pattern I find myself in at this point... waiting another 6 weeks to see if things get better. Should I seek another opinion or am I about where I should be?

ANSWER: I can understand your frustration.  It seems like your pain level is outside what I would expect for these surgeries in this time frame.  I would recommend a second opionion.  Be sure to request copies of records and films, preop and postop, to give the new doctor all the information needed.

All the best,
Andrew Schneider, DPM

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QUESTION: Dr. Schneider,

Would it be unreasonable to ask to scope the ankle now to see if there is anything keeping things aggravated that is not showing on the MRI? OR wait for the second opinion.

Thank you!

Would definitely wait for a second opinion before anything more invasive was done.  Hoping that the second opinion could shed more light on it, without more surgery.

All the best,
Andrew Schneider, DPM

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