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Toenail will not grow
9/21 15:07:40

Please help me.  It has been over a year now where my big toe does not grow right.  It starts off growing fine, but then it cracks on the lower left part of the nail and the crack extends all the way to the right side.  Eventually it falls off, or I cut it off and it grows back the same way.  I got a pedicure 2 weeks ago and she put powder and glue on it, but I think that made it worse because it feels like it is going to fall off now and I am not sure if I should cut it, being that it is the summer and I wear flip flops or sandals every day.  Help! :(

Hi Cathy,

You may have a fungal infection of the nail.  So, seeing a Podiatrist for a nail stain would help identify if there is a fungal infection.  If it is fungal, then there are treatments.  You could also try Tea Tree Oil, the pure form from Australia.

In some cases, it is almost impossible to get rid of the problem and some patients elect to have the nail removed permanently.  

The glue may cause more harm than good, as it retains moisture in the nail which then attracts fungus.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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