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Lower Back Pain and Leg Pain
9/23 17:41:55

My mother just recently started developing pains in her lower back which has now spread out down her legs into the back of her foot. I'm not sure what to do until we go visit a doctor. She's in incredibly pain and is unable to move about with out any anguish. I think it might be sciatica, but I'm not quite sure. Right now she can't go up steps without assistance or do most other daily activites without help. It may be important to note that she also has arthritis in her hands and legs, I'm not sure if it's severe or not. Thank you for your time.


Thanks for writing!

I am saddened to hear of your mother's pain. This could help her.

Have her standing straight, stand directly behind her. Look to see which arm is hanging closer to her body. Look at the space between the elbow and the body. Take the side with the least space. Let us say that is the left side.

Mom should then move the L leg to her left as far as she can and set the foot flat on the floor. Then, Mom should turn on her L heel so the L toes are pointing away from her.

Keep the L knee straight and have her rock her weight, or some of it, onto the L heel. Hold that position for a count of ten and return to normal standing position.

This might hurt on the first application but if it relieves the pain on the 2nd or third try, you are home free. If it hurts each time, do not do it any more.

To get to the root of this problem and solve it, go to, and and look for a good chiropractor near you. They can help you.

Does this answer your question?

There is also a good book on back and joint pain cures by Dr Batmanhelidj. It was advertised on All Experts for a while but is available at any book store. Get that and follow the directions.

Dr. Rozeboom

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