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Hand tingling
12/1 10:57:40

7 months ago I was a passenger in a head on auto crash that cracked my sternum and herniated T6 disk. I was twisted violently in my seat despite airbags and seatbelt. Besides the pain, the most annoying thing is the tingling in my left thumb and index fingers I have been experiencing. It's hard to find a sleeping position that doesn't cause my hands to fall asleep.  I have been going to physical therapy, but despite it minimally helping,I never seem to reach a point of equilibrium. Do you have any thoughts about this?

Neurological symptoms should be observed closely to make sure there is continued improvement. I'm concerned that it doesn't get worse. You may have a combined injury, that must be addressed for treatment to be successful. Do you have cervical herniations as well? IN THE ABSENCE of a cervical disc herniation with root compression. You may have compression of the nerves going to your arm in the area under the collar bone and pectoralis minor muscle. Costo-pectoral compression of the brachial plexus is a strong possibility considering you have a sternal injury with disc herniation. The diagnosis is made clinically with the help of MR imaging and electrodiagnosis. I have seen a substantial number of cases over my 30 year career. Neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome may have multiple causes, other than what I am specifically talking about. Please do not read anything online or talk to anyone without qualification. The vast majority of doctors only understand vascular thoracic outlet syndrome and thus frequently fail to properly diagnose a problem like yours. Treatment is vastly different depending on causation. Finding a chiropractic physician with skills in treatment of your issues should be on your to-do list. Feel free to send me more information about what diagnostic imaging you've had and any questions.

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