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QUESTION: Hi, I have been suffering from migraines for about the last 30 years. They are sometimes linked to my menstrual cycle, happening just before my period starts, but not always. Sometimes pills work, but not always. I found your YouTube videos and tried the 3 massage techniques you recommended and I am sure they helped. My current migraine is really bad and resisting any treatment. I saw an osteopath about 5 days ago for who manipulated by back and neck, I had had a small accident on my bike, pranging the wheel. He diagnosed mild whiplash. The migraine came on a day or so later. I am not sure if his treatment caused it as my neck had been very painful before the appointment anyway. I now have s sore neck and painful throbbing temples. One part of my neck in particular is very painful. Is it safe to do your push-pull, etc massage on my neck? Are your techniques suitable for whiplash? I have been doing that in desperation. Should I go back to the osteopath? Best wishes and thank you for your website. Ali
P.s. I am now going through the Menopause which is also connected I believe

ANSWER: Hi Alison,

Yes, it's should be perfectly safe to do my techniques. And they are great for whiplash.  I'd go through my main Neck Pain Relief page, and release anything you can.  If you do my neck "quick fix" you might
miss something.
If you get something really stubborn in your neck you may have to go back and forth between doing your neck and your jaw a bit, since
they can play off each other. So, "yes" dig in and get to work on yourself.  And visiting your osteopath again should be fine as well,
but use common sense.  If you feel like something really isn't right, then don't do it.
And just this one technique, every morning can probably help you a lot if you are going through menopause,
I have a lot of women who get "menopause migraines", so best to keep that jaw free if you can.

I do hope this proves helpful.

Gary Crowley

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you so much. That is very helpful. I will look at the videos you recommend. I did do all 3 of the techniques you suggest for migraine (the 3 videos on Youtube) and my migraine is lifting.  I am convinced that self-massage is the way forward. I have one more question. The osteopath told me I have a trigger point. It is just underneath the shoulder blade on my right-hand side. I think it may be the result of years of teaching, writing on a whiteboard with the wrong posture. He has mentioned the supraspinatus and longissimus muscles. That doesn't really mean that much to me. Would you also recommend self-massage of this area? Is there a particular video you would recommend? Once again, thank you so much. Ali

ANSWER: HI Alison,

Yes, a "trigger point" is just tight tissue that you can certainly work on.  My Shoulder Joint Pain Relief page,
would probably be the best,
along with my Upper Back Pain Relief page,
if you are still needing more relief.

Glad your migraine is lifting.

All the best,
Gary C.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Gary, one final question. Am I not right in assuming that the osteopath actually manipulated the bones/joints (?) into the right position? I think he mentioned C5/T2 (?). And that the massage you recommend merely deals with the muscles? He told me he had put everything back into place. But it feels like something has got out of place again, would I not need to go back so that he can put the bones back into place? I fear I am really showing my ignorance here! Best wishes, Ali

Hi Ali,

Well, bones only go where muscles pull or hold them.  Bones are chunks of calcium they cannot move on their own.  If he manipulated your C5/T1 and it didn't stay, it's because the tight tissue is still yanking the bone out of place.  I don't mind bone manipulation, but if it doesn't stay there is more soft-tissue work to be done.
If you free the tissue enough it should go back into place, but if you can't get it back after a bit of work, then trying again with the Osteo is fine.  
Gary C.

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