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Skating Injury
12/1 10:57:40

I went skating yesterday, and fell backwards. I'm learning how to skate backwards, so I twist my body to perform the backwards skating motions. Today, the area around my tailbone is hurting, yet, I see no sign of bruising. The pain could possibly be from the muscles being sore as a result of the twisting my body.

I get paranoid if I fall backwards, or fall on my tailbone. I don't actually remember if I fell on my tailbone or not. The reason that I am paranoid is that a woman once told me she fell  backwards once right on her butt, but not the cheeks, and it was bad. She had to go to the hospital and she ended up losing two inches of her height (she was 5'4" and she became 5'2"). Besides this, I heard about all sorts of back misalignments as a result of a fall.

Should I be worried? Do you have any recommendations? Thank you.

If you bruised the tailbone, it will the pain will go away if a few weeks. But you can also jam the spinal joints in the lower back with falls. If you have symptoms that continue in the next two weeks, I would suggest have a chiropractic check up and maybe a couple weeks of treatments. It's good idea anyway since you have to twist alot with your lower back with skating. The tail bone is likely bruised from the impact and if the lower back joints get jammed up it can caused tailbone pain too.

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