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herniated discs
9/26 9:27:41

Male 74    4 herniated discs. Suffering for 3 yrs.  Now, latest episode, laying on floor for 6 wks.  Excruciating pain. Taking strong pain killers.  Epidural once or twice a year and cortisone shots.
Few days ago went by ambulance to emer. given oxycontin and an injection. Literally screaming in pain. Won't operate because of age. Good health otherwise, no meds. no conditions either.
Any way out of this nightmare?  Will discs ever return to normal?
Therapy doesn't work.  Thanks for any help.

Lawrence Gold Somatics
Lawrence Gold Somatics  

Hanna Somatic Education
Hanna Somatic Educatio  
Yes, Donna, there is a way out and discs can return to normal.

I've written on the subject.

First, please look up bulging discs on this page:

Next, practical action steps:  

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