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ulner nerve
9/26 8:49:40

I read Dr Leatherman's (spelling) response to a gentleman that recently bumped his elbow while weight-lifting.  It was helpful.  I don't remember a specific time when I bumped my elbow, but I think I must of.  My pinky and ring finger have been numb and tingly for 8 days now.  It has not gotten any better.  When I touch the elbow area where it would be considered the "funny bone" area, it is very sensitive and sensation shoots down my arm into to the mentioned fingers with the lightest touch.  Do you think wrapping my arm at the elbow to keep it straight would be helpful for healing.   I am not panicking but after 8 days nothing has gotten better.  The numbness in my pinky and ring finger makes it harder to even type this.  For the record, I may of bumped it but the pain and numbness did not start immediately.
Thank You in advance,

Hello John,

  Nerves are the slowest healing tissue in the human body.  Even when the pressure is taken off the nerve it may take a month to months for the tissue to heal.  If you numbness or muscle weakness increases you will want to have a exam.  Wrapping may be beneficial just to prevent bumping/further irritation.

Have a great day,
Dr. Brendon O'Brien D.C.

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