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Ulnar nerve palsy IVIG
9/26 8:45:45

Hello Dr.Ramy....
I'm 35 female ..I have been recently diagnosed with Ulnar nerve palsy left arm and severe nerve conduction block from elbow to wrist 19m/s.What ever this means :#...Only motor lost not sensory was reported.I haven't had any injury to my elbow..Doctor ordered MRI-cervical spine#normal# blood tests #quite normal# + EMG and NCV...MMN was mentioned but unclear...My hair falls out quite a lot and I get severe cramps #only at night time) on front of my  shine bone which can last up to an hour.Otherwise I feel healthy.
I'm left handed and unable to cross  or move all fingers.And the tingling sensation is enjoying..

Neuro recommended 5 day IVIG treatment and lumbar puncture before going through with surgery.I should be admitted to hospital on the 5 January 2010....
My question is Could the nerve heal it self and is there anything that I can do to avoid further damage ?  should i seek chiropractor for help..I really don't want to go down the road with surgery or having a lumbar puncture done either...
Also IVIG treatment does not come up anywhere as treatment for ulnar nerve palsy...
Thank you very much for answering my question,really appreciate this....

Hi Tania,
I would recommend treatment. I am not sure exactly where your nerve is being entrapped or impinged, a chiropractor will be able to determine if there is perhaps some muscular entrapment, if so soft tissue therapy (stretching, removing scar tissue) can be done and is non invasive. This will help to remove an pressure a muscular adhesion could be placing on the nerve, causing your symptoms. I would suggest a chiropractor licensed in Active Release Technique, (ART), you can look on their website to find a practionner in your area.

Best of Luck

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