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my 10 year old sons feet
9/21 15:03:41

My son, who will be 11 this week, has bilateral tarsal coalition.  He has had numerous surgeries in the past year resulting in one foot fusion with two screws on the left foot  and one triple arthrodesis on the right foot.  Both legs have also had a tendon lengthening.   He is in CHRONIC and debilitating pain every single day.  We were told that there was a 90% effective rate for the triple arthrodesis to lessen the pain significantly, and in fact, that he should be "pain - free".  Well, he isn't at all.  He spends quite a bit of time in a wheelchair as his feet are in horrible and constant pain.  This has definitely changed the quality of life for a little boy.  He now also has back problems, walks with a limp on both feet and by the end of every night is in terrible pain as well as having his feet swell up and the toes go into spasms.  Is there anything that can be done.  We live on the east coast of Florida and would be more than happy to drive anywhere to help him. Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Bunny,

I'm assuming that prior to the surgery there was severe pain.  If he has not been through rehabilitation/physical therapy, that would be highly recommended.  I would seek the opinions of several other specialists that perform the procedure.  I personally do not do this procedure.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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