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Job of an Orthopedic Surgeon in Kolkata
9/28 10:13:32

Whenever anyone hears about Orthopedic Surgeon in Kolkata, the first thing that comes to their mind is terrible pain in the bones. Most of us generally associate such pains with weak bones and Arthritis. Many people are also of opinion that it is unavoidable condition and everyone with age has to suffer from these pains. Orthopedics helps one to deal with their arthritis better. They also help one in recovering a severe trauma therefore an orthopedic specialist can help the patients to deal with all injuries and illness related to the musculoskeletal system of the body.

In simple words, a musculoskeletal system can be defined as the total of all the muscles and bones in the human body. Even though orthopedic doctors are well trained in the diagnosis and treatment, particularly surgeries, of such disorders but still numerous non-surgical treatment modalities are also put to use for improving the functioning of the bones and muscles. This is very vital for managing the cases related to trauma, tumors, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infection and a number of congenital disorders. By and large, the orthopedic surgeons in Kolkata handle the cases of the patients suffering from arthritis, tumor or are in severe need of a joint replacement. The case of Arthritis, were previously more noticeable in older people, but now, unfortunately, more and more comparatively younger people are becoming its victim too.

It is a disease that causes pain, inflammation and stiffness in the joints. If left untreated, it can often lead to cartilage damage also. Arthritis has to be treated in time otherwise it can even restrict a patient’s mobility. Managing simple tasks like, walking, climbing stairs, sitting, and lifting the slightest of weight, can become really difficult for a person suffering from Arthritis. Orthopedic specialists can treat arthritis with medications, lifestyle modifications and joint replacement surgeries. One more serious musculoskeletal disease is tumors. When tumors grow in or on the bones, surgeries can provide the only solution. Joint Replacement Surgeon in Kolkata removes tumors from the bones. Joint replacement is one of the most common treatments that the orthopedic surgeons provide to the residents of Kolkata.

Although, most joints in our body can be replaced. Joints like our hip, elbow and knee need maximum attention. The replacement joints last for quite some time but they do not last forever. Sometimes, people may injure to their musculoskeletal system due to an accident or an exercise regime. They may also suffer from hereditary disorders in which their bones and muscles degenerate faster than others. Crushed bones, sprained ankles, broken legs and strained backs can be successfully treated by Orthopedic Surgeon in Kolkata. An experienced Joint Replacement Surgeon in Kolkata ensures that the patient’s cartilage, tendons, joints and ligaments are restored to a much better condition after the surgery. Today, these advanced joint replacement surgeries are being performed by the leading orthopedic surgeons of the city at affordable prices. These joint replacement surgeons of Kolkata provide world class treatment and facilities to the residents of the city.

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