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Old fracture = new clicking
9/21 15:01:48

Hello and thank you in advance for your time,
 I first hurt my foot by rolling it and that produced a bruise and I had to be off it for 2 weeks.  Fast forward 1 year, while playing volleyball another person landed directly on top of my foot the SAME spot I had hurt it before a year prior: the 5th mid metatarsal to where it meets the cuneiform bones.  Again it bruised the anterior side only of my foot directly over the before mentioned area in a dime sized area.  The pain was 5-6/10 with ambulation. No numbness, tingling, loss of flexibility nor loss of movement was ever experienced.
I did the whole rest, ice, & elevation bit and even wore a post op shoe for a good 3 weeks because it was difficult and painful to work without it.  It has been approximately 4 months and I have since played volleyball again and such without major pain.  However, my foot has always been a 1/10 pain level.  Nothing big, just very annoying.  And now, after 4 months or so, I am getting a "clicking" over the affected area ONLY OCCASIONALLY when I walk without shoes only when I am to the part of ambulation where I raise up on my toe.  I can actually lean over and feel it click on that same affected spot while walking. Again, the pain is minimal, 1/10 but definitely not normal. It does hurt mildly with palpation across the anterior side of my foot, but  not the posterior side. In fact, pushing up from the bottom of my foot never hurt at any time.
I did get an xray the 1st time I did this 1 year ago, nothing was seen.  I have not had one this last time.  I am just not sure why it doesn't bother me during sand volleyball, but instead when I am walking around the house barefoot?  And the clicking is new...arthritis from repetitive injury and not healing properly?  Loose tendons??? Floating debris???
I am debating on whether to spend my time and money on going through the medical system especially if it has already healed over improperly and there is nothing to be done with it anyways.  I apologize at the lengthy note, I wanted to be as descriptive as I could considering the communication line.  Thank you so much!

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Dear Kylee,
The foot clicking you describe is usually related to a tendon that is irritated or catching over an area. The foot is in a different position when playing volleyball in the sand on your toes, versus walking barefoot on an unforgiving floor. Clicking also usually occurs in certain positions only-as you describe.
If you feel the pain is similar to another pain from an injury or aging-then you have a comparison. As a physician I always recommend to discover the reason for pain and try to alleviate it-since pain indicates damage. Even if it can't heal-it's better to keep it from getting worse. An x-ray with reading at a Podiatrist's office can usually be done same visit.
It's worth a copay or deductible...

Hope This Helps.
Good Luck!
Dr George Tsatsos & Svetlana Zats
Podiatrist Chicago 60618 & Elmhurst 60126 Podiatrists
Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery & Orthopedics
New South Loop Location-Chicago 60661

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