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9/26 9:01:31

I was going to the chiropractor regularly for about 1 year when on my last visit 10 months ago he really put me through it and sort of cricked by whole body.  Since then i have been having a lot of problems, chest pain, stomach pain, indigestion etc.  i have been to the doctor and have had chest xray, heart checks and an ultra sound but nothing found. I feel as though my chest area needs a good jerking.  Could he have accidently put something out do you think I should go back to him to see if this is the case
Many thanks Gill

Hello Gill,

    There is always a chance, if you felt at the time it was very painful there may have been a chance.  Chest pain can be related to the thoracic spine and musculature around the spine.  You may want to see your doctor again to have him work on the thoracic paraspinals and lightly adjust the middle back to see if this helps your current condition.

Hope all goes well,
Dr. Brendon O'Brien D.C.

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