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severe mid-back rib pain
9/26 8:58:48

I'm young...only 22, I've been an athlete my whole  life. a severe ankle sprain
months ago has kept me from playing sports. I went out and  played football
with some friends on Friday and I'm not sure if its because  I didn't warm up
enough or  something but I was running a route, and planted to stop and felt
a small pop or  something (don't remember) but remember a sharp pain in
left rib cage. I kept playing and after the game it  got much worse. Had
problems breathing, could only stand straight up (any bend in my back hurt
like hell) i also couldn't move my torso in any turning motion. I went to the
chiropractor and he said my back was totally out. he adjusted  me and sent
me on my way...he said it should be about 30 percent better today. When I
woke up
today I couldn't move. Everything had gotten worse. I feel like I have a metal
pole for a spine because  I cant move side to side  or bend my back much at
all.I can isolate most of the pain to an area on  the left  side of  my rib cage
by sitting down, raising my right arm and leaning forward a  tiny bit.. it sends
a sharp  pain to that area. In most positions deep breaths aren't too  painful  
but in certain positions its hard  to breathe at all.
Is this  normal? Any ideas  of what may have happened to me? I've never had
my back out like this. Should  I go see a different doctor?  or get an x ray
and make sure nothing is broken? I would assume a chiropractor  would  have
recognized  something more serious. Either way Id love  some feedback
because the 6-8 advil I  took today aren't doing the trick. I'm in los angeles/
hollywood area if there are any suggestions for doctors as well.


It clearly sounds like a musculoskeletal problem involving the rib.  These can be exquisitely painful and debilitating.  If the chiropractor can adjust you (by hand) effectively, and possibly reduce some of the pain prior with electric stimulation or ice or massage, then odds are the pain will go away.  I'd suggest getting a another session or two before investigating broken bones or other entities.  If you were in great health and had this sudden pain without enduring any collision or other traumas, it's not likely anything's broken.  Something is just jammed and the tissue irritation is painful.  Please be careful in taking ibuprofen.  If your chiropractor does not do any soft tissue therapies, e.g. massaging, stretching, etc. then find a new one.

I hope this helps, and also that your pain alleviates fast.

Dr. G

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