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Back Pain
9/26 8:37:48

I have a back pain since 5 years and also pain in tail bone.

My MRI report says: There is desiccated D10-11 IV disc.Diffuse disc bulge is also seen in D10-11 IV disc casusing mild thecal sac compression.

Could you share can i do jogging/cycling in these conditions ?

ANSWER: Hello,

You are welcome to exercise like jogging or cycling with the understanding that this may aggravate the back and tailbone pain. I would suggest proper dynamic and static stretching and warmup of your body before activity. This will prevent improper muscle use and will keep you from further injuring yourself. May I also suggest either massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic care for the care of your back pain. Combined with core exercise, this will be the best way to return to health. Look up dynamic stretching and core exercise on the internet for some great ideas. Good luck.

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Scan MRI
Scan MRI  
QUESTION: Thank you very much for a prompt reply.

Need to know whether this ( MRI report attached as image) is curable or not and how severe it is ?
Could you share the link on internet for dynamic stretching and core exercise ? Sorry to ask, but I tried and there are lots of pages and I am confused which exercise to do OR to leave.

Thanks you again for your time and support. Regards, madhusudan khurana

This type of condition, according to your MRI, is a normal wear and tear of the spine during aging and activity seen in many adults. The one thing I read on there is the degenerative spondylytic changes along with the disc bulge and compression. Degenerative changes to the joints (spondylo) are permanent but can be slowed by proper modifications to exercise and diet. Avoiding anti-inflammatory foods (added sugars, fried fats,etc) reduce the breakdown process and taking proper supplements (tumeric, glucosamine, chondroitin) may help also. Nothing can make us younger obviously but we can help slow the process through proper modifications. As far as dynamic warmups, I found this website to have great information. Always remember that you will get better as long as you adapt to your body's changes rather than fight it. Pain is your body's way of limiting poor motion and preventing injury. Fighting through pain is not necessary. Feeling a good muscle "burn" is ok, not pain. Good luck.

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