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neck & back chronical pain
9/23 17:40:11

I have been a typist for 20 years (now using the computer), I know that my job style is the cause of my neck and lower back pain.  I try to sit properly when working, I even have an electrical vibrator (belts) that messages these areas.  It does feel fine afterwards, but the pain comes back the next day.  I am only asking can I take any vitamin to strengthen my muscles?  I heard vitamin E is good.  I do not use pain killers, they are not a solution.
Thank you,

Vitamins are great for general health and well-being, but there isn't one vitamin that will help with muscle strength.  You can take Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc/Potassium, there are some such combos out there, or you can take a good multi-mineral/vitamin.  What you need is to rehab the muscle, specific stretches that I can not explain in this format, I have to demonstrate it.  I suggest seeing a chiropractor for these stretches (called PIR) and most will be able to suggest specific vitamin/mineral supplementation.

Dr. Starbuck

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