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T12 compressed fracture of 30%
9/26 8:46:37

QUESTION: Can I develop scoliosis from this type of injury? I've been in a Jewitt brace for 7 weeks now and my last x-ray shows a slight curvature of my spine.

ANSWER: Hi Renee: how are ya.? Yes, you will get "a little curve" not enough to call a Scoliosis. The vertebrae went from being square to being a wedge or triangular. It is common to get these in this area because it is a "curvy" region of the Spine. BE GLAD IT WAS NOT YOUR NECK OR LOW BACK. If you have to get one of those, you got it in a good spot.! Now, I need to know how you got this.  Renee, What Island are you in.? I have property in Statia, next to Saba. 20min. south of St Martin. > Dr Ron Grassi,DC.,MS. Jupiter,Florida. <

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Dr. Grassi, thank you for your response. It's nice to have someone else confirm this.  I'm thanking God everyday that I can walk, so I know what you mean.  You would not believe but I climbed on top of my kitchen counter of about 4 feet high to kill a roach ( I hate them) I lost my footing and fell back onto my bum, all I heard was crunch.  Anyway, I live in St. Maarten, but I'm originally from Trinidad.  It's so funny that you know the area well, my husband was glad for your response as well.  Look us up next time you are down at Budget Marine.

Hi Renee: I'm glad I could be of help. If you ever catch that Roach get him bronzed. My sister hates them too. I want to open a practice in The Islands sometime. BYE,,,Keep in touch. Dr Ron..

Hi Renee: I forgot about one VERY important thing. When you get your brace off you MUST rehab/strengthen/stretch  your Spinal Back Muscles. Especially The Multifidi and Psoas Muscles. You need a professional to set you up with instruction for this. After the brace/rest you will have MUSCLE DISUSE ATROPHY like The Astronauts have when they come back from Space. If you do not do this you will have back pain the rest of your life. I guarantee it. Get one of those big exercise balls for home with Back Ex. instructions. Try Pilates Groups.See ya in da islands mon. Dr Ron, Jupiter,Florida.

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