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Where should i start and waht is a good college?
9/26 8:41:28

What undergraduate program should i do to then move on and go to grad school and become a chiropractor? Im a junior in high school and im trying to find a good college near ohio so i can at least visit my family a little bit, What would be a good college you would suggest?

That is terrific news, good for you!  When it comes to Chiropractic Schools and my recommendations, I will always suggest the ones that offer Upper Cervical Techniques.  If they are teaching Upper Cervical Care, then they will also have a great philosophy program which is essential to becoming a great doctor of chiropracTIC.
I went to school in Atlanta (Marietta), at a school called Life University, and although many things have changed, I highly recommend it. There are also a few other good ones too: Palmer in Davenport, Iowa; Sherman in South Carolina; Life West in Hayward, California;  Palmer West in California; and Palmer South in Florida.
Since the CCE regulates the core curriculum, all of these schools will have the same basics, so it is the philosophy that will make a school stand out as well as where you will be living for the next 6 yrs or so.
I hope that this helps and if you would like to discuss this further you are welcome to ask here or email me at

All the Best,
Dr Arnone

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