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toftness tecnique
9/26 8:38:34

I have had excellent luck with a Dr using this method.  The only problem is that he is 7 hours from where I live and is booked solid for at least a month in advance. Can you tell me how to find a Dr here in the Bellingham, WA area that uses this technique or the location of the closest possible one to me.

My problem has been with sciatic pain and numbness in my lower leg due to my hip going out. I have had both hips and knees replaced so am not sure if this is what causes it to happen but I do know that 4 times an adjustment has taken care of it but it just doesn't last.

Chiropractor McKay Darien CT
Chiropractor McKay Dar  
I am glad you found something that works for you. From what I read here is that you have encountered many difficulties if you have had both knees and hips replaced. The life span of a joint replacement is 20 years plus these days so you should be good on regard to these issues. How mobile are you?
 As for a Toftness doctor being 7 hours away I am afraid I cannot help you since there are few doctors who practice that method that I am aware of. I would suggest for a competent doctor who has been vetted and probably can do just as good a job. Hope this helps- Dr.Brian McKay

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