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Achilles tendonitis
9/21 15:09:12

Hello !! Dr. Musella, I have achilles tendonitis in my right foot. I can not seem to find the right pair of shoes for my problem {achilles tendonitis. Can you reccomend a type or brand of shoes that will help in preventing my achilles problem from acting up. The shoe will also need to accomadate a custom orthotic.
For your info:
My weight is 270lbs. I need an extra wide width 4 to 6 double ee. I work as a janitorial contractor and need additional support.
Also, are you familiar with the z coil spring shoes ?
Thanks for taking time to answer. I appreciate it !!!!

Sorry - but I am not familiar with the Z coil spring shoes.

Shoes are only part of the treatment plan for this problem.. but  since you asked about shoes:

The best type of shoe for this needs 2 things. 1: A heel lift. This takes pressure off of the tendon, and 2: The counter - the back part of the shoe - needs a notch so it doesn't touch the tendon.  

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