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headache and neck pain after chiropractic adjustment
9/26 8:49:12

My friend had her neck and back adjusted a couple of weeks ago by a
reputable chiropractor. She has gone to him before and has never had a
problem. After the last adjustment she has been experiencing a chronic
headache and overall back and neck discomfort. I am pretty worried as I have
heard that a wrong adjustment can affect blood flow to the brain and even
cause a stroke. I am trying to get her to see a doctor but she says she will
wait until her chiropractor comes back to town and ask him. I am worried! is
she in danger?


No, she's not in danger.  No, she's not going to have a stroke.  She likely had a mild strain from the adjustment and this is causing discomfort.  It is not uncommon.  If your friend was having the worst headache of her life and was throwing up, then we'd have some major worries.  The chiropractor can easlily put on some heat, then do some massage or deeper fascial release to get your friend's pain to quickly resolve.   


Dr. G

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