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Back pain/discomfort
9/26 8:47:25

I have been having an annoying discomfort in my lower right back for about 2 - 3 months. When I lay down it feels that the right side is being flexed backwards even though I am not stretching it. In other words it won't lay flat. It doesn't actually hurt unless I bend my back backward, but it makes it almost impossible to get comfortable when sitting or laying. It doesn't bother me as much when I hunch forward or bend forward while sitting or when I stand.

Exercise doesn't seem to aggravate it and rest and ibuprofen  don't really help. I went to see a doctor and they said I didn't seem to have any spine abnormalities, but just kind of blew it off as pain from overuse. I don't know if this matters but I noticed this happening around the same time I stopped taking accutane.

Any information would be a lot of help.

I would suggest a visit to a good chiropractor.  They should be able to assess and treat this, as well as rehab the injury.  Without an actual hands on exam, it is hard to pinpoint, but it sounds as if there is a simple strain.  If it is anything more serious, the chiropractor should be able to refer accordingly.  By the way...Accutane does list one of it's side effects as joint and/or muscle pain.

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