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Side foot/ankle pain
9/21 15:08:07

   I am having pain on the outside of my right foot. The pain sometimes is on the top of my little toe and seems to get around outside of my ankle. I believe that I walk on the outside of my foot. It seems to get worse when I roll my foot out. Any idea? Is there a support to arch my foot back inside.


Hi Mike,

It sounds like you may either have an irritated nerve or tendon.  Both of these structures come from the leg and go behind the ankle into the foot.  When your ankle is turning out the instability causes excessive stretching of the tendon and nerve.

I would see a Podiatrist and consider custom orthotics/arch supports.  These are able to rebalance the foot to allow you to walk more aligned.

Also, consider seeing a physical therapist for muscle strengthening and stretching.  This could help your foot instability.  Your Podiatrist could order physical therapy. Strengthening is often overlooked by Drs and I believe it is very important.  Hope that will get you started.

Good Luck.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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