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Swelling in face neck, and burning down neck .
9/26 8:51:54

I was siting watching television one nigh, When I noticed a twitching in my face on the right side just above and blow my eye.  I also noticed that when I rested my face on my hand that there was a strange sensation on my face where there was contact with my hand.  My ear began to hurt the next day so I went to the Dr.  He told me that I had a chronic sinus infection, and gave me some antibiotic's. The next day I felt a burning sensation shoot down the right side of my neck form my ear to my collar bone.  Then the same thing happened down the back of my neck, starting at the bottom of my neck and spread out across my whole upper back.  I have pressure in the back of my head, and my right eye become blurred, ringing in my ear's, with face and neck swelling.  I feel like I'm wearing a wide heavy dog collar.  Some times I get a little scared, but mostly I get mad because I can't figure out what it is.  I had a CT and it was confirmed that I have a chronic sinus infection, but I'm on my 3rd round of antibiotic's and I don't believe that is what is causing the problem with my neck.  I did take a tumble about 4 to 7 day's prior to that, but I felt fine, no problems for the that first 4 to 7 day's after the fall.

Hi Sandra,

I strongly suggest you see a Chiropractor, we see these conditions all the time and get excellent results. I believe it is a subluxated upper cervical vertebrae and is easily corrected. Give it a try, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Good Luck!

Dr. Timothy Durnin

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