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Hi, I was wondering if chiropractors...
9/26 9:02:05

Hi, I was wondering if chiropractors specialized in women's health? I thought I read somewhere that u do and if u do what does that consist of?

There are a couple ways I can answer this question.

One, essentially every chiropractor could be considered to specialize in women's health, among other things, because we specialize in the nervous system, which goes to every organ and muscle, and to your skin! So getting adjusted (especially regularly) will address any "women's concerns" you may have.

Now, the answer you were probably looking for...there are some chiropractors who are essentially "back doctors" and others who may advertise or be known to do more with the organs/internal problems, as well as backs and necks and all the structural stuff. The ones who do more internal "stuff" will tend to ask you how certain things are functioning, and you'll be able to bring up concerns like PMS, cramps, infertility, pregnancy, etc with them and get a more in-depth understanding of how/why we do what we do. The "back docs" will address the same concerns, but they'll tend to just adjust without all the explanation. BOTH OF THESE ARE GREAT DOCS! If you like education and want questions answered, find an AK (Applied Kinesiology) or SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) doctor who will probably do muscle testing, organ work, cranial work, blocking, etc. They'll probably be more open to your questions and explain things a little more to you.

I hope this helps you out! If you have further questions, please let me know!

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