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Swelling of the nasal turbinates
9/26 8:38:17

I am a 50 year old male that has suffered from poor nasal airflow for years.  I'm certain that the airflow obstruction is physically due to swollen turbinates.  Typically I'm able to breathe through only one nostril while the other is nearly 100% blocked.  Occasionally the obstructed nostril will switch sides but the left nostril is primarily the one affected.  My condition adversely affects the quality of my sleep and is a daily annoyance.  I have no other allergy symptoms: no excess mucous, watery or itchy eyes, runny nose etc..
I have seen numerous ENTs and an allergist.  The ENT's recommend a septoplasty to correct a moderate deviation of the nasal septum to the left side.  I'm not convinced that my septum is the root problem. It seems if my condition was primarily a structural problem the obstruction would be constant in one nostril.
My allergist disagreed with the ENT's and said my issue was due to allergies, primarily dog and cat.  After prescribing numerous steroid and antihistamine nasal sprays to no avail she recommended I try allergy shots.  I did the weekly shot routine for over a year with no results.
The reason I found your name and am contacting you is the following: this evening I was trimming my hair around the ears in the bathroom mirror.  My left nostril was 100% blocked.  While trimming over my right ear I tilted my head strongly to the left.  I suddenly felt my left nostril clear and I was breathing freely out of both nostrils.  When I straightened my head the blockage returned.  I soon discovered I could repeat this at will by tilting my head hard to the left.  This has me wondering if my turbinate swelling might be due to a misalignment in my cervical spine and I'm temporarily relieving the misalignment by tilting my head.  In addition, for years I have suffered from a sore and stiff neck.  From the info I provided do you think you might be able to treat my nasal obstruction?    Thank you for your time.  Sincerely,  John

Thank you for providing me with so much detailed information so that I could better understand.
I personally have had this problem that I noticed years ago after a car accident.  
Whenever I get checked and need to have this special specific adjustment administered it always relieves my breathing and opens up my nose free and clear, it is very refreshing and makes a huge difference.
I have also been very fortunate to help many patients with the same condition to attain very similar results.  The latest was a gentleman just two weeks ago who was complaining of a nasal obstruction in breathing.  For him the change was almost instantaneous as he said that his nose opened up just after I laid him down on the resting bed right after specific adjustment.
I do want you to know that although you may have instant results too, everyone responds somewhat differently and at their own pace.
The fact that you are noticing a change in your breathing with different head-neck positions is a tell-tale sign that it is very likely a head-neck misalignment that is the major contributing factor.
The fact that your neck seems to get stiff and sore is also a sign that there is trouble there as well.
It is likely all connected and finding and correcting problems in the cervical spine is my bread and butter.
I would be happy to take a look at you and see if I can locate the cause of your trouble and help you.
You can respond here with your best days/times to be seen or simply call my office at (314)995-5719 for appointment.
I am somewhat flexible this week and I always make availability for a patient needing to be seen on the same day whenever possible.

I look forward to meeting you and I hope that I can help you.

All the best,

Dr Robert Arnone
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