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Severe Chronic foot pain
9/21 15:05:55

I had back surgery a year and a half ago,replaced a ruptured disc with bone growth "stuff" inside of a cage in my back, grew a full bone in 4 and a half months, but severe burning and lateral pain in both feet started shortly after back was done.Went to podiatrist who claimed I had an entrapped nerve in both feet and surgery was only answer, did Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy on right foot and 6 weeks or so later did left foot, foot pain never changed was subdued at first by massive dosages of pain meds and Neurontin, however that began to not work, suddenly she claims I had Chronic regional pain syndrome?  Ultimately she threw a fit because I was not wanting to change meds to a higher narcotic so she has quit on me, I am at a pain management center now and they thankfully have me on Lyrica and Kadian but this is not controlling my pain completely. Can this surgery I am reading about on your site help me to have less pain and better quality of life?  I am a recovering addict been clean almost 22 years now but really hate to be on all these meds?  Just looking to find some hope some where?  By the way my current Doc at pain management dis agrees with first doc he says I have nerve damage from back surgery and that 95% of the people who have the surgery I had wind up with this nerve damage?  I hope you can help.  Am in Kansas do you know if there is a reputable doc to do cryosurgery closer to me then you?  Have Humana and then Tri care is secondary insurance.

Hi Shanna,

The nerve pain that you describe may be from the back however, it can still be treated at the foot and ankle level.  I have treated similar problems in the past.

The foot cryosurgery success depends on the condition and location of the nerves causing the pain.  The only accurate way to know if you are a candidate is to have an exam.

Sorry, I do not know any cryosurgeons in Kansas.


Marc Katz, DPM
Tampa, FL
Advanced Podiatry

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