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Upper neck/shoulder
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About my back...At the base of my neck there are 3 to 4 vertebra that look crooked to the eye.  I've had recurring neck pain in the same area usually on the right side of the vertebra. The pain pops up every couple of years for about a month or two, nothing chronic. I have been to the doctor.  I'm in the military so the answers I have been recieving are questionable.  X-rays were taken and the results were that the vertebra are straight, just twisted.  The doctor performed a manipulation twice on the area to twist them back.  It didn't work.  He had me lay down with my arms folded in front of me and he would search for the vertebra to manipulate, wrap his arms around me and squeeze until my back cracked.  Is this condition something I should be concerned about, can it be fixed and how, or am I just built this way.

Also, my right shoulder sags making it look longer and more droopy than my left shoulder.  I'm wondering if this problem is related to my twisted vertebra or may be to blame for some of my back pain as well.  How or why do people get saggy shoulders. I don't remember having this problem in high school.  Please help.  Thank you.


Thanks for the questions.  I hope I can help.

It does sound as though this would be a cause for some neck pain.  When the vertebrae are stuck in a twisted or rotated fashion, they will place pressure on the spinal joints, cause muscle tightness and lead to pain.  Manipulation will usually resolve this, but it does have to be done in the right manner.  The manipulation that you had done is a great maneuver for the middle and upper thoracic spine, but not the lower neck region, where it sounds like your problem is.  

Such a distortion will usually cause one shoulder to sag. This would be considered a normal distortion pattern.  I would recommend seeing a chiropractor and having a few visits of cervical manipulation.  I would guess about 3-6 visits to attempt to restore normal motion and configuration.  With 3-6 visits, you should see a difference and this will allow you to determine what to do from there.

I think you were close to the solution, you just didn't quite get the right manipulation performed.

I am assuming you are in pretty good shape overall, so you should respond well and quickly. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Another thing, thank you very much for your service.  I know that it is a great sacrifice to be doing what you are doing.  I want you to know that my family is very proud of you and very, very thankful for you.  We live how we do because of the work you do.  THANK YOU!!!

God Bless,

Dr. Boss

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