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Neck issues/dizziness
9/26 8:58:13

Hi there.  I'm not sure if a chiropractor is the right person to talk to about
this, but I'll ask!  Since my vehicle was rear-ended 11 years ago, I have been
having neck issues (stiff neck, occasionally dizziness comes and goes).  This
past week I did something to my lower back, and the day after began to feel
lightheaded and nauseous.  Now the back feels better, but my neck has
again, become very stiff, and I still feel dizzy (disconnected feeling).  My
question is, do you think the dizziness and neck/back issues are related, and
secondly, do you think a chiropractor could help me with this?  I have always
been reluctant to see a chiropractor due to my fear of my body being
"cracked" or "clicked" into place! (....although I was recently told that one
doesn't necessarily have to be "cracked")  Any info would be much
appreciated, thanks.  Hope you are well.

Dear Sara,

First, your symptoms are quite common.  Studies have been published that describe the persistence of symptoms ten to fifteen years after rear-end vehicle crash traumas.  Going to the chiropractor is a viable treatment option that may greatly help you, especially for the neck and back symptoms.  Dizziness and neck symptoms can be related.  There is dizziness from inner ear mechanisms (Benign, Paroxysmal, Positional, Vertigo or BPPV), and there is dizziness caused by irritated nerve structures in the neck (cervicogenic vertigo).  The latter is quite common after whiplash injuries.  I would suggest trying to get over the fear of the cracking sounds that neck joint manipulation produces.  It's just a sound. The "non-cracking" methods simply are not the same. You could find relief with the combination of soft tissue mobilization, chiropractic joint manipulation, and appropriate exercises.  If you find a good quality D.C. and voice your concerns, the D.C. can start off very gently, and you should discover that the cracking sounds are not at all bad.     

'Hope this was helpful.  

Dr. G

p.s. sorry for the delay in responding. I was away last week.  

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