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Numb thumb and index finger
9/26 8:56:41

My left thumb and index finger are numb. I started noticing a couple days ago that I am dropping or fumbling things. I do have pain in the upper part of my forearm. I think it could be my neck since if I stretch it to the right the tingling gets worse, and then the numbness seems to get worse for a couple hours. I keep stretching anyway. The numbness when rotating my neck can be felt all the way up into my upper arm. I thought of going to my primary care doctor, but keep hoping it will just resolve. What do you thing?

C6 nerve root supplies the thumb and index finger, which means that you probably have a misalignment in the middle to lower part of your neck.  Seeing a Chiropractor that corrects spinal subluxations would get your problem resolved.  Your primary care doctor will prescribe drugs or stretches or physical therapy possibly a manipulation by an osteopath, but none of those things will get the problem resolved.  Seek out the care of a straight chiropractor to correct the cause of your problem in the most efficient manner.

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